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The Robeson County Democratic party Leaders as of 2018

 Chair- Ed Henderson

1st Vice Chair -Pearlean Revals

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  3rd Vice Chair - Alaina Malcolm

 Secretary -Brook Clark


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Good news the North Carolina State Democratic website finally has Linked to this website that's awesome. plus the link to the facebook  that's on here is on the State web page too I am Happy about that been trying to get that done for a while  I just set up our website so you can you view it on your mobile device
Hi all Happy 2018  this year we will  be focus on getting back  the Senate seat  for district 13 to break the supermajority
that  the Republicans now have and turn North Carolina Blue
Again. Contact Your County Chair Ed Henderson to demand a county party meeting. So we can plan To Get Ready for 2018 elections and midterms. The Democrats have a
great chance to take back the US house. We must all work together to help all of our Candidates to win by whatever means necessary. We must stop the State and National Republicans from getting the wrong things pass that only Help the Rich and forget about the little everyday guy and gal.

Your friendly County Party Web Master Dan Ledford


I hope you will continue to let me know how you feel about the issues that are being debated by the North Carolina Legislature and the challenges you and your family are facing each day.  By working together, we can make Hoke, Richmond, Robeson and Scotland, counties in District 48, and all regions of North Carolina a better place to live, work, and rear a family.

If I can be of any service to you during the interim, I can be reached in my Laurinburg District Office at 910-273-1098 or email garlandp@ncleg.net.  Please feel free to call my Raleigh Office (919-733-5803) for assistance also.  It will be open Monday through Friday.  I am ready and willing to assist you in any way that I can.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the General Assembly and your interest in state government.  

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Governor Cooper Vetoes (so far)
Since the General Assembly left town, Governor Cooper has vetoed two bills:  HB 576 dealing with landfills and environmental issues and HB 511 that allows non-profits to operate “game nights.”
HB 576 is popularly known as the “garbage juice bill.”  Landfills produce a wastewater liquid.  Currently, that wastewater liquid is treated and treatment costs a fair amount of money.  Someone has invented a less costly method that involves spraying the wastewater in the air.  The inventor claims the harmful stuff falls back into the landfill and the not harmful stuff drifts away in the air.  That’s the idea, anyway.
HB 576 requires the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ to approve this new method for lined landfills.  For unlined landfills, DEQ would have discretion to approve the new method.  Governor Cooper vetoed the bill because he objected to requiring DEQ to approve the new method for lined landfills.  You can read his veto message here.
From “garbage juice” to gambling.  HB 511 allows non-profits to operate “game nights” where games of chance are played and prizes are awarded.  The bill also allows non-profits to do four raffles a year (up from two) and increases the maximum raffle prize from $125,000 to $250,000.  Finally, HB 511 would allow for alcoholic beverages at “game nights.”
Bill supporters argue this is a small change in the law that allows non-profits more freedom in raising money through fun events that are a far cry from serious gambling operations.  Governor Cooper, in his veto message, acknowledges the bill is well-intended but argues it is loosely-written and allows the for-profit video poker industry opportunities to expand in North Carolina.

Governor Cooper Bill Signings
Governor Cooper has signed dozens of bills.  Here are just a few of the more important ones.
Domestic Violence Bills
Governor Roy Cooper signed into law several domestic violence prevention bills:  SB 600, HB 343, and HB 399. 
According to the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 82 people lost their lives due to domestic violence last year in North Carolina. And this year, domestic violence has taken the lives of 37 North Carolinians.
HB 343 allows domestic violence protective orders granted by a judge to take full effect even when under appeal. Advocates and law enforcement expect this new law to bolster protective orders that can help protect survivors from ongoing domestic violence.
Domestic violence perpetrators also attack their victims online.  HB 399 closes a gap in existing law that will allow law enforcement to combat the sharing and posting of private images without victims’ consent.
SB 600 would create a rebuttable presumption of premeditation, elevating a
homicide to a first degree murder, if there is malice and the defendant has a certain prior conviction involving the same victim.

NC Farm Act (SB 615)
The NC Farm Act for the most part was a non-controversial bill until late in session.  It was largely a consensus bill dedicated to helping farmers and the agricultural industry in North Carolina.  This version passed the House on a 109-6 vote.  I voted ___.  [Note the 6 were all Democrats so look up your vote!]
Late in session an amendment was added to outlaw farm workers from having dues deducted from their paychecks for labor organizations.  The amendment passed on a near party-line vote.  I voted against this over-reaching interference into how workers, their employers, and labor groups handle payroll issues.

Public Safety:  Traffic Stops (HB 21)
HB 21 directs the DMV to start providing driver instruction on how to safely and appropriately interact with law enforcement during traffic stops.  The hope is that better education and awareness will help drivers and law enforcement and lead to more positive outcomes and relationships between individuals, the community, and law enforcement.  I voted for the bill.


July 8, Moore County-Representative Garland Pierce attended and brought greetings to the McCormick-Murphy Family Reunion in Aberdeen, NC.

July 14, Scotland County-Representative Garland Pierce attended the Wolonick
Family Practice Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Laurinburg, NC.

July 15, Scotland County-Representative Garland Pierce attended the Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update Breakfast in Laurinburg, NC.